At Gary Cooper Insurance, we want to keep our customers safe. Below are some helpful tips to prevent an accident or loss. Please check back periodically as more helpful tips will be added.


Auto Insurance Advice

With claims on the rise again, we thought it might be a good idea to let you know about recent causes of claims so you can take necessary steps to prevent the same losses:

1. Keep tires properly inflated and check tread depth monthly.
2. A squeaking sound upon braking means your brakes need attention.
3. Remove any item that obstructs your vision and keep vehicle clean especially headlights and tailights.


Homeowners Insurance Advice

1. Keep gutters cleaned out.
2. Trim shrubs away from house.
3. Use a timer to turn inside lights off and on when on vacation.
4. Lock doors when leaving, even if you’ll be back quickly.
5. Use braided lines on faucets, commodes and washers.
6. Consider a “monitored” alarm system. This will give you a discount on your insurance as well as peace of mind.
7. Change to “motion sensitive” flood or exterior lighting. This deters thieves.


Life Insurance Advice

1. Purchase now! It will never be cheaper and a health situation could make it impossible to purchase in the future.
2. You need seven to ten times your annual income as a general rule.


Health Insurance Advice

1. Set deductibles and co-pay that fit your budget.
2. Begin a fitness regiment. Start with a daily walk.
3. Consult your physician for any unexplained weight or loss.

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